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Recomend alboompic

Recommend alboompic

How can I recommend alboompic?
You have two options:
. In your personal area the blue button "Invite Friends";
. Or in each email you receive from alboompic, there is a blue button "Recommend us";

After clicking on these buttons, you will enter your personal page recommendation to make invitations via email or Facebook. Alternatively, here you will also find your "link" of personal reference, which you may copy / paste anywhere on the internet to get people to register at alboompic through you.

Why should I recommend alboompic?
You will be rewarded with €10 discount coupons whenever a person recommended by you buys the first photobook with alboompic Design Service.

The more people buy, the more I gain?
Yes, the more people buy and are registered through you, the more you earn. You can use this value in all your future purchases.The amount of discount you will receive as your friends buy will not have a maximum limit, therefore you should recommend as many people as possible. Be the first of your friends to recommend alboompic.

How can I use my reward?
You can use for purchases of Premium and Professional photobooks with alboompic design service. Enter your coupon code when making the final payment (order to print) and after approving the design of your photobook.

How do I know that someone recommended by me bought a photobook?
Once a person registers through you, you will receive an email with this information. And when that person makes his/her first purchase of a photobook with alboompic design service, you will receive an email informing you that you have €10 discount or a higher value if there are more people that bought through you (€10 x number of people who bought through you).

For how long will the discount coupon be valid?
The coupon is valid for 3 months. This time will be renewed for periods of 3 months whenever a person recommended by you makes a purchase. That is, if you already have a discount coupon of €10 and another person recommended by you makes a purchase, you get a €20 coupon with the validity of 3 months from that date.

How many recommendations are possible?
There is no maximum limit of people you can recommend.
To recommend to many people at one time, we suggest you do it via Facebook or by sending to your contacts (functionality at your personal area at alboompic).

How many times can I use the coupon?
You may only use the coupon once. After having used the coupon on a purchase, your discount value will go back to zero until someone else recommended by you buys a photobook with alboompic design service.

To whom can I recommend alboompic?
You can recommend alboompic to someone who, in your opinion might be interested in having custom photobooks and has no time or patience to do them. So, invite family, friends, teachers, colleagues ... because the more you invite the more discounts you win!

(The Discount Coupons received by your recommendations are not cumulative with other offerings)


"Congratulations to Alboompic! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The photobook is divine!! I have just seen it! It came very well packaged and the quality is five stars! My father will love it! Thank you very much for your patience and dedication! I am a very happy customer!!"
Irina Santos


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