Printing of photobooks

How long does it take to print my photobook?

Once you approve the photobook for printing on our site, we will take a maximum of 5 working days to produce it, plus the transport time to reach your destination. Here are details on the terms and conditions of transport. (put LINK) NA VERSÃO PORTUGUESA NÃO TEM LINK !!! primeiro temos que definir os preços de transporte para estrangeiro!!!

What is the quality of finishing of the photobook?

All finishes are done in a way that the products tend to endure over many years.

We only use fujifilm photographic paper for high quality printing. We do not have photobooks printed in digital offset, as we believe this is a technique that has poor print quality.

We excel in the quality of our finished photobooks, so we can offer a photobook professionally designed and produced with the best materials on the market.

In the production of our photobooks, we will never leave out the form with which these craft are assembled. They are glued and sewn by hand, assembled carefully one by one ... because after all, no matter how much technology advances, the difference is in the details.

What are the differences between the three types of photobooks available?

In terms of photo paper and print quality used, there is no difference between the 3 types of photobook (Photobook, Premium Photobook, Professional Photobook, because the paper quality and printing is always the same. What varies is only the formats and quality of each photobook covers.

Quality of Covers: differences between the three types of photobooks available

  • Photobook: the Cover is semi-rigid, lightweight and space-saving.
  • Premium Photobook: special padded cover in different formats. High quality finishes with high resistance. Ideal for your vacation photos, travel, children, etc..
  • Professional Photobook: leather cover, with an option to choose the color. High quality finishes with high strength and a touch of luxury. Ideal for photos of special moments such as weddings, christenings, communions, etc.

All covers and back covers can be customized with photos and texts. The Professional Photobook is the only one you can customize but only the cover, because the back cover is completely in leather.

Will the alboompic "watermarks" I see when I'm reviewing the photobook be printed?

No. The watermark will never be printed, they disappear once the photobook is sent to print. In the history area of your client area you will have your photobook in digital form without the watermarks and you can share it with your friends via facebook or email.

How should I treat my alboompic photobooks?

An alboompic photobook is a sensitive product that requires a careful use.

Some advice for handling your photobook:

  • Support the photobook on a smooth and flat surface larger than the album.
  • Do not open the photobook completely, due to the careful construction of the photobook (to ensure the best print quality). Support the cover on the left hand slightly raised so as not to pry open the album.
  • Do not place anything on top of the album, such as keys, pens, glasses, mobile phones, because you run the risk of marking or scratching the surface of the album.
  • Handle the album with clean and dry hands. Some moisturizing creams or oils will inevitably tarnish the surface or leaves your photobook.
  • Like any book, the corners of the digital photobooks are sensitive points, requiring more attention in handling and transport.
  • When cleaning your photobook, do so in a careful way and with a dry cloth. Do not use any cleaning product, it may damage the surface or the pages.
  • Store the album away from sunlight and in an environment with low humidity.



"I received your work today. I thank you for the professionalism on the execution of the photobook."
Inês Abreu


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