Why do I have to make payment in two phases?

We ask for the payment of 25% of the total order on the custom design of your photobook. We do not use automatic processes in implementing the design of your photobook. Once we receive the order to start the design one of our professional designers will immediately begin to give life to your photos preparing a photobook according to your wishes!

We trust the experience and creativity of our designers to make true works of art with your photos is going to surprise you. However, as we want you to be always100% satisfied, we have the guarantee certificate "100% satisfaction guarantee" that gives you the possibility, if not satisfied with the design of your photobook, even after asking for some changes, to cancel order and to proceed to full refund of your money (amount spent to prepare the design of your photobook). You see, there is no risk for you!

The remaining 75% will be paid when you approve the proposed design to completion of your order and to order the physical album production (printing). It takes no more than 5 days to produce, plus the transport time to reach your destination.
Here are details on the terms and conditions of transport. FALTA COLOCAR LINK!!!

QuandoWhen do I have to make the payments?

You will have to pay 25% so that's we do the design of your photobook, and once you approve the proposed design, you will have to pay the remaining 75% of the order. Then it will be given the print order of your photobook and later sent to the delivery address you defined.

Posso partilhar o Can I share my album on Facebook or by e-mail?

Yes you can! Once you finalize your total order of your photobook (making the final payment of the remaining 75% of the value of the order), we will receive confirmation of payment, and the photobook will become immediately available in your alboompic Client area - Order history, where you can share it on Facebook or send it by e-mail to your friends.

Can my friends buy my photobook?

Yes they can! Once you finalize your order, making the final payment for printing (remaining 75%), a few hours later it will be available in your alboompic Client area - Order history, where you can click on "Invite Friends to Buy". All reprints that are made ​​by you or purchased by your friends will always have 10% discount on the value of the photobook.

Can I request several copies of the same photobook (sent to the same address)?

Yes you can! You only have to say, when finalizing the order, the address where you want the album to be sent and the number of units you want. If you opt for the extra option to send all the photos leaving the selection to the designers (incremental cost of € 19.80), this value is only reflected in the 1st order.

All reprints of that photobook in addition to not having that added value concerning the selection of photos by the designer will have a 10% discount on the price of the photobook.

Can I have my photobook printed in various formats (types of photobooks)?

For now, we do not have this feature. We are working to make this possible in the near future.

Is it safe to pay on the Internet?

The payment by credit card (through paypal) or Multibanco/ATM is held on a secure connection. Once payment is made, the application of the bank instantly communicates with our software that automatically sends an order for the production of your order.


Buy online and pay at any Multibanco/ATM network or at the website of your bank, using the Reference and Entity that our site will generate after you have chosen Multibanco/ATM as the method of payment.

The order will only be processed once we have confirmation of payment by the responsible entity (SIBS).
Payment must be made immediately after placing the order (within 5 days), under penalty of cancellation of the order.

How does payment by credit card work?

Payment by credit card must be made through Paypal which is totally secure. Even if the customer has not created an account in Paypal, you can use your credit card (directly) by PayPal. You only need to choose this option when being directed to the payment by Paypal.


"Beautiful!!! It exceeded my expectations. I loved the memories you managed to achieve. Thank you"
Paula Rocha


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